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Are you looking to sell your home in Scottsdale, AZ? Jarvis Realty International provides premiere home selling strategies to sell your house fast. Our real estates will help you maximize your real estate investments by marketing your house effectively, and expertly negotiating with your best interest in mind. To get in touch with a realtor that cares, call us at (480) 688-8646 for an appointment today!

Personalized Home Selling Strategies That Work

Having been in this business for decades, I have watched homeowners try to sell their homes by cold calling local Realtors, interviewing 2 or 3 agents and then finding out their home will require some updates if they want a good price... the kitchen, bathroom, maybe even the yard.

According to the Arizona Association of Realtors, the average age of houses sold in Scottsdale is 25 years old. Did you know that new homes are getting about 15% higher prices than the comparable non-renovated homes? For most sellers, this means you either kill your return by selling through a home investor or you out-of-pocket the cost of an update to your house in the hopes of recouping that money when (or if) it sells.

The dejected homeowner then calls a landscaper, a demo guy, a plumber, an electrician. They pick out new tile, shower enclosure, cabinets, sinks, etc. and try to piecemeal the repairs for the lowest cost possible. Or maybe they call an interior decorator or a remodeling company who then presents them with estimates that would make any homeowner shiver. Opting for the remodel, they face shortages of subcontractors, adding weeks or maybe even months to their job.

Homesellers are faced with fronting the cost of the repairs in the hopes their investment yields a return that makes it worth the hassle and cost, or they opt out of the repairs altogether and face the prospect of their home lingering on the market unsold for months (decreasing their value with each passing day). Of course, there's always the option to sell to a wholesaler at a potentially 15-20% reduction from the homes true value.

Who needs all that headache?! Looking at this situation and hearing these stories, we at Jarvis Realty decided it's time for a better way! We house 3 companies under one roof so that our sellers only have to worry about reaping the benefits of a higher sale in a shorter amount of time.

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